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Sea Change

Well. I'm back.

Last year, I did most of my blogging over on while I traveled around the US. Now, I'm settled once again and back to blogging here for a while.

I've also renamed the blog. While I still work daily on being more positive, happy, and at peace with my own body, I feel like I have more going on than just that these days. I've settled near the ocean, something I've always wanted to do, and I'm starting a new life with new adventures. So, now I'm going to work under the title Sea Change. A sea change is "a profound or notable transformation". I feel that describes not only the last couple of years for me but also what's ahead.

Nothing much to report yet except that Birdie and I are loving the warmer weather in SC and are already planning some serious trips to the beach once the water warms up. I'm not much for resolutions anymore, but I am determined to keep the spirit of my travels going into this new life: talk to strangers, look for adventures, and build new relationships.

I hope you'll join me! Do you have goals for this year?

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