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I Hate Painting

I really do. I wanna like it and I love what it can do for a space. But, I really hate doing it. Today, halfway through priming the brick wall in the den, I started to wonder what it would cost to hire some painters. It can't be that much, right?

Anyway, I removed the wooden mantlepiece attached to the brick wall. Four screws out and that was it! No big deal at all (I was envisioning glue or some other nightmare).

Once I had the big, empty brick wall, I taped everything and put on the first coat. Initially, I had the foolish idea that I would do both coats today...that was not going to happen! Painting masonry is not easy. However, it didn't look too bad by the time I'd finished:

AND! I even had time to line a few kitchen drawers before I had to come home and lie down for a while. Not too shabby!

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