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New Year, New Playlist

Last year, I didn't make a Vision Board (something I've been doing the last few years) because I was living the Vision. This year, I decided I'd go back to the VB but also decided to keep it simple: six goals, all pretty concrete. I make it my desktop background so that I see it often and, hopefully, keep being reminded about what I really want for the year.

Then, last week, I was chatting with my friend, K. She was working on a project wherein she also needed to make a new year Vision Board, but she'd decided to make hers a playlist. A

list of songs that could inspire her all year long. We were talking about songs

that address women making money/supporting themselves/etc. It was such a great idea that I decided to make one, too. K and I shared our playlists with one another and it was a really amazing way to learn more about one another (and our current desires and dreams). It's also an amazing way to keep reminding yourself about your desires and dreams. Now I've got the playlist, I can just hit the 'play' button and remember what I wanted for the year. It's the kind of clever and no-nonsense idea that K has all the time. She really inspires me and I'm so, so glad she got me to make my own playlist.

I was listening to a podcast I love today and one of the hosts mentioned that it had been 10 years since she quit her desk job in order to figure out how to support herself without a desk job. I felt like I'd been waiting to hear someone say something like that. I feel all the time like a total brat for saying I don't really want another full time job. I want time to be creative, to take care of myself, and to enjoy life a little more. I recognize the privilege of being able to do that. It's what makes me feel bratty. However, hearing someone else say that they'd wanted something different (and she's very successful as a podcast host, it can be done!) made me feel a little better. I've got some tutoring work now (actually, it's only one student but I'm hoping to be matched with more soon) and I applied for a part time job at the local public library this week. While I'm still sorting out what it is I think I'll do with myself, I've been decorating my house, spending time writing, taking long walks with Birdie, and organizing every single closet in the house. It's been so...nice. I feel so...happy. I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Right now, though, that feeling is a bit less imminent. It's like being able to sigh without cringing afterward.


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