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Bedroom Makeover Phase 1

Happy Holidays! I bought a white Christmas tree for my new midcentury house. It's pretty groovy. However, it hasn't all been sugar plums and tree decorating around here. Last week, after a long session of cookie baking, I ran the garbage disposal and it immediately backed up into the basement bathroom sink. It's hard to feel festive when you're cleaning eggshells off of the bathroom floor. Super gross. The plumber came today, though, and snaked the drain for me. It seems that there was definitely a clog as well as some old, small pipes. So, I need to be more careful about running the garbage disposal. Ah, the joys of living in an older home! After the plumber's visit, I did some shopping and completed the first part of my bedroom makeover project. I've been looking at all kinds of diy home decorating blogs the last few months and I love the whole white on white with a pop of color look. It's part of why I asked the painter (yeah, I skipped that entry--I hired a painter to complete my work in the basement and to paint the bedroom and bathroom) to use a fresh white paint on the walls.

Today, I found a lovely white quilt at Target to pair with some throw pillows I found on sale (also at Target) a few months ago. At Home Goods, I got a great deal on two pairs of drapes. Finally, since I've got the bed sitting kitty corner and there's not much room for a bedside table, I bought a floor lamp so I could save some precious bedside space for phone charging and my alarm clock. I can't imagine why I didn't think of this earlier: it is amazing. Bedside lamps are for the birds. I love this new lamp. I also love the brightness of all the linens against the walls. I've still gotta get some artwork up and I'd like to paint the bedside table as well as the standing jewelry box (not pictured). White white white. Also, can I just say, check out those black and white pillow cases. So, so hip and chic, right?

Plus! My closet is so tidy right now. It's been ages since I had such a well-organized closet.

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