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It's the Little Things

There are a million little projects around the house that I am always thinking about. That's true for everyone, right? Anyway, I got a couple of things done recently.

First: I cleared out and organized the "bonus area" space next to the kitchen. It was full of boxes and boxes and boxes and junk. Ever since I moved in. Here's a before photo:

Just, a mess. It was shameful. So, this weekend I just got on it and cleaned everything up. I put all the empty boxes into the shed, created a whole new box of Christmas stuff that was just floating around, and put everything else away. Like, I put all the junk away in places where it belongs. If you knew me, you would know this is a miracle. Here's the after photo:

Right? The boxes in the corner have a destination. I swear. Also, someday when I find my cookbooks, they're going on that bookcase.

Second: Tonight, I bought some removable wallpaper (in the olden days, we would have called this Contact Paper) at Target to cover the mirrors on my closet doors. I don't like them because they face my bed and I don't really love looking at myself while lying in bed. So far, I've been sleeping with the closet doors open.

This project, while not the most intensive thing I've ever done, was not easy at all. So, here's a story. My mother used to tell me about how, when her mother (a perfectionist to say the least) would re-line the cabinets with Contact Paper, Mom and her grandmother (the other two residents of the house) would flee in fear because her mother would obsessively position, rip, and re-position the paper again and again. That's pretty much what happened in my bedroom tonight.

I'm pretty happy with it. Now, I can close the doors for bedtime...and not have to stare at myself! The paper I chose is pretty subtle and looks like dulled down mirrors, which is just fine.

I'm not finished zazzing up the doors, but this is a really great first step.

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