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Shed a Little Light

So, I know I've been gone from this particular blog for a little while. Apologies. I took a new job, got a dog, and basically had a lot on my plate. However, I'm very happy to be back and I even gave the blog a little makeover to mark my return! The only full bath in the house has to do a lot of work: it's the Master Bath, it's the Guest Bath, and it is in dire need of a major renovation (like, I'm thinking HGTV style!). However, that's going to have to be some time in the future. For now, I've been trying to do what can be done. I've got a sort of terrarium theme going with succulents and a large, educational illustration of poisonous plants hanging on the wall. It's in German. Very intimidating for those who use my facilities.

My first major project for this bathroom (now that decorating is done) is going to be the medicine chest. It's hideously ugly, dated, and I need it much too badly to just rip it off the wall. So, I started this past weekend by removing all of the very ugly glass globes from the four light fixtures at the top. I replaced the regular lightbulbs, then, with some long Edison bulbs I purchased at Home Depot. This small change has already had a huge impact on the quality of the light in that room (it's much more golden and homey) and I am so happy that the globes are gone! I need to find a way to mask their absence (make it less obvious that globes used to be there) and then my plan is to paint the front of the cabinet. At first, I was thinking just white, but now I'm considering something more bold and interesting.

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