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Spring Breakdown

My first adventure!

My friend, K, and I have known one another for almost 25 years. We've been best friends for most of that time and we live far apart. For a while now, we've been talking about taking a vacation together. She's having a big year (new job, a big move, etc) so we needed to take a sort of mini-vacation for both budgetary and logistical reasons.

K lives in Atlanta, GA. My father lives near Savannah, GA. So, with my long Easter Break coming up, we decided to have our first BestieVenture (officially) in Athens, GA.

In all, it was a super fun trip: we stayed in a beautiful hotel (the Graduate Athens - easily the hippest place I've ever slept), we got to spend time talking and sipping drinks, we ate at some great restaurants, and saw some truly magnificent young-person-fashions (Athens is a college town, after all). So, what's the breakdown, you ask?

I am the breakdown. On Sunday evening, just as our 'venture was beginning, I developed a stomach bug that effectively ruined me for any fun, excitement, or sleep during our entire time in Athens.

Despite my ailment, though, we still managed to do some fun vintage shopping (where I found a THIRD stainless steel ice bucket/roll warmer), have a truly authentic comic book shop experience, see a rock show on the rooftop of the Georgia Theatre, and take a tour of the Creature Comforts Brewery. K was an amazing trooper through all of this as I napped, sweated, and groaned my way across town.

I wouldn't trade anything for more time with K, and I'm so glad we took this BestieVenture (the first of many, God willing), but I desperately wish I hadn't been such a misery! Next time, we're going on a cruise and NO ONE is getting a stomach bug. Ha!

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