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Troublesome Creek

After my rather miserable Spring Break trip, I was ready to redeem myself. I got the chance this past weekend when I went with my friend N to Hindman Settlement School's Troublesome Creek Writer's Retreat.

N and I first met in graduate school when we were both earning our MFA's in Creative Writing. She's been my main supporter in not giving up on my writing all these years. She's an incredible writer herself and she has been to Hindman several times. It was so nice to get to join her this time.

The weekend was relaxing and a really wonderful opportunity to meet other writers. I knew I was in the right place when, on the very first night, we realized that two of us were wearing t-shirts with Dolly Parton on them. Dolly was, as ever, a great uniter.

I started work on a new essay, got to spend some real quality time with N, and met some truly kind and wonderful people. It was such a nice time and made me feel like maybe I don't want to forget about writing after all.

Hindman is a beautiful place. The camaraderie of the weekend was so lovely and I am so glad I got to go. I hope I have the opportunity to visit again soon!

On the way home, we stopped in Prestonsburg, KY where we discovered the Dairy Cheer. I had a Smashburger, fried pickles, and a butterscotch milkshake. It was delightful!

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