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Return to Troublesome Creek

Last weekend, I went back to Hindman Settlement School for the Troublesome Creek Writer's Retreat. This is my second year attending (you can read about last year's adventure here).

Let me start by saying there really is something magical and special about Hindman. The writers who go there for the retreats and the workshop always say so. Last year, I had a truly inspirational experience there. That's the weekend I wrote the bulk of my essay, "Portrait of a Fat Girl". I wasn't quite as lucky this year -- lightning rarely strikes twice -- but, I still had an amazing time.

Once again, I met some lovely people and heard them read their beautiful work. I spend so much time with teenagers and it is so nice to be with like-minded people for a few days, talking about and thinking about writing. I don't get to do that very often these days.

My goal for this year is to attend at least two writing retreats. I've checked Hindman off of my list. Next is Writer's Camp. And who knows? Maybe this year I'll make it back to Hindman for the Autumn retreat, too. Let me just say that I think Hindman is worth every bit of the seven hours it took me to drive home last Sunday.

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