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Some Stuff I'm Loving

We had a long weekend here at school and I spent part of mine visiting my friend, N. She has two amazing dachshunds and I snuggled with them and got to catch up with my friend and generally had a very relaxing time. It's the time of year when my life seems to go into suspended animation. The weather is blah, my mood is blah, the kids at school are blah. It's all blah.

So, here are a few things I've been enjoying lately:

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy - I certainly watched my fair share of the original run of this series. It is a trope that is, perhaps, a bit dated. However, I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed the new run on Netflix. I was alternately moved and laughing and honestly amazed at what this new troupe were able to accomplish. It's been updated a bit and while I think they probably could have done more to update it, it's pretty compelling entertainment (thank you to my friend, K, for helping me formulate my feelings about this show).

Invisimatte Blotting Powder - When Rihanna launched her Fenty Beauty line late last year, everyone was quick to sing its praises. I love to try new things when it comes to makeup, but I've

been sticking, lately, to my tried and trues. Fortunately, I really needed a new kind of powder (I've been very, very shiny) and I found a miracle in the Invisimatte Blotting Powder. It does the job, comes in a stylish case, has a sweet little brush that magnetically sticks to it, and would match any skintone. Pretty incredible.

My Daily Mixes on Spotify - Sometimes, it's scary how well Spotify knows me. Honestly, scary. Other times, I feel they get it all wrong. Just because I love First Aid Kit doesn't mean I only wanna listen to modern folk. Lately, though, my Daily Mix options have been so, so good. I love a good playlist and these have been perfect!

Modernism Week in Palm Springs - I love Mid Century Modern. Just, all of it. Several of the accounts I follow on social media reflect this and I've been loving their coverage of Modernism Week in Palm Springs. Palm Springs is one of my important stops on my road trip next year and I can't wait to see, in person, all of the places I've been admiring online this week.

Great Value Trail Mix, Cheesy BBQ - I've declared a moratorium on fast food so I'm working on hard to have snacks around that I like. This trail mix is my favorite so far. It comes in a giant bag, it tastes like chili cheese Fritos, it has nuts in it, and a handful feels like a genuine treat. Yum.

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