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Self Care

I've been quiet for the last couple of weeks because I am just trudging along. The school year is winding down and that's a relief, but it also means endless days of just showing up. My classes were comprised of nearly all seniors (who are officially done with their classes for the year) and now I have two classes (one has one student, the other has four) where there is nothing left to do, but I still need to be there to supervise the "leftovers." Blah.

To occupy myself during this extended period of stasis, I decided to create a little craft project for myself. I've been teaching a 3D printing class since January and while I've printed a couple of objects for samples for my students, I hadn't really created a project all for myself. I debated about what I wanted to do. I thought about several practical items I could print. Finally, the other day, I realized that what I wanted to create was a little "mid century modern village." I was inspired by Megan McKean's lovely wooden MCM Palm Springs homes. I decided to print out a little village for myself and to paint my finished prints. While proctoring tests and supervising the LC, I've been designing little homes, a kidney-shaped swimming pool, an umbrella and lounger, and even some cacti and palm trees. I started printing last night before I left for home (all of my 3D Printing students have finished their projects and I bought the, I'm just gonna use it!).

So far, I've finished my A-Frame model. Printing right now is my Asymmetrical Roof and tonight, before I leave, I plan to print the Butterfly Roof. When I'm all finished, I'll post more photos. Anyway, I love to craft and I love to work on the puzzle of creating an object (generally with no purpose) so that it looks the way I've envisioned. I'm not especially skilled at this, but I am excited by it. And in this weird in-between time, I need something that excites me. So, I'm cranking the Whitney Houston, designing MCM home models, and jamming my way through these last few weeks!

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